Personalised poems for any occasion

So...although these are not whole poems, I hope you can see my style.


I wrote a series of short poems for a Master of Ceremonies. His job was to introduce the speakers.

...Ladies and Gentlemen,

What a meal..and what a treat,

And thank you for the delicious things we had to eat,

But now we've feasted and exchanged our tales,It's time for us all to be regaled,

So please without further ado,

Let me introduce our guest speakers to you.

(It went on to introduce the various speakers personally, one by one)


This is an extract from a poem I wrote for a lady to be read out at her friend's birthday

...This radiant beauty, this wondrous fox,

With her dazzling smile and glossy brown locks,

She delight the gang with her humour, warmth and fun,

Moving seamlessly from yoga mat to drinking in the sun,

Active, vivacious, inspiring to those around her,

Everyone who meets Sarah is so happy to have found her,

Thoughtful and kind, so interested in all,

Helping with problems, no matter how big or how small,

Always there with sound advice when things have gone wrong,

Normally equipped with a bottle of chilled Sauvignon Blanc...